A unique decorative treatment for concrete floor.

JRI's artisanal system is a unique and decorative treatment for concrete floors. By using the JRI artisanal system, you can create a floor that is designed with rich colors, subtle textures, saw-cut patterns and graphics. Concrete floors become individual works of art. We can achieve the look of natural materials without the expenses or the upkeep.

JRI's artisanal system is a unique acid-stain process that reacts organically with concrete. It is not a paint or a coating. Therefore it is not subject to flaking, peeling or surface degradation. The artisanal system becomes an intrinsic part of the floor or other surface. Colors, while wide-ranging, are generally organic in nature, reflecting the chemical interaction of concrete, which is a mix of natural materials, and organic staining material.

Artistry on a canvas of concrete.

A wide range of warm earth tones is available, which in the hands of skilled artisans, can be mixed and intermingled to achieve a variety of natural effects. Several green and blue tones, based on similar chemical reactions, are available also, and are used to great effect as body colors or accents. JRI's artisanal system is the answer if you want to acquire deeply-penetrating colors with nearly infinite creative choices..

Furthermore, JRI's artisanal system enables a new way of thinking about concrete. There are no limits to the creative possibilities using JRI Artisanal System on concrete. Concrete floors can be saw-cut to create distinctive patterns and graphics, such as crests or logos. Bead blasting offers rich and subtle textures. This allows for unique, personalized custom concrete treatments.

From a functionality standpoint, JRI's artisanal system is designed for minimal maintenance, unrivaled durability and exceptional value. Once sealed, JRI Artisanal Systems are virtually permanent. JRI's artisanal system is ideally suited to commercial applications, residential applications or any high-use area.

PVA Series 5000.

The leading edge of durable flooring.

Anywhere you need a tough, non-skid, easy-to-clean surface, PVA Series 5000 is ideal. In areas where floors are subject to high traffic from street shoes to fork lifts and everything in between, PVA Series 5000 will retain its beauty for years to come. With this versatile surface, design possibilities are endless. And because it's heat and stain resistant, PVA Series 5000 is perfect for countertops, too.

  • PVA Series 5000 can be installed over virtually any existing concrete surface.
  • PVA Series 5000 adheres chemically to concrete and won't chip, lift or peel
  • There is no waste in installing PVA Series 5000, as it is mixed to order, with no over-run necessary.
  • PVA Series 5000 is seamless.
  • PVA Series 5000 has superior stain resistance.
  • There is no need to stockpile replacement tiles to achieve color uniformity.
  • PVA Series 5000 can be consistently matched if repairs or additions are ever needed.
  • With PVA Series 5000, there is no glue or mastic to run over and need cleaning.
  • PVA Series 5000 does not need wax and polish to level it.
  • PVA Series 5000 lends itself economically to artistic treatments like trademarks and logos.
  • PVA Series 5000 is stronger than concrete and handles heavy traffic beautifully

Because of these distinct advantages, we recommend using the PVA Series 5000 in residential locations such as garage floors, mud rooms, basement floors, conservatories, kitchen counters, exercise rooms, and pet areas.

JRI professional are available to answer any of your questions. The earlier you call us, the better. We can help you save time and money. Rely on our experience with the most advanced high performance flooring materials available and depend on our craftsmanship for lasting beauty.

Stamped Concrete.

That's right! It's really concrete.

JRI's stamped concrete is a system that replicates surfaces such as cobblestone, fractured slate, brick and even tile. JRI are master craftsmen that have the skills required to not only install stamped concrete but to duplicate and create any desired pattern allowing for a well-defined and natural-looking surface. This system will fool even the experienced eye, mistaking concrete for a natural product. Furthermore, JRI's stamped concrete is a more durable and economical surface than traditional surfaces.

Coating Systems.

With Jason Robert's there is no need to compromise.

JRI offers a plethora of coating systems perfect in commercial and industrial applications which are designed to meet demanding technical requirements.

  • Epoxy System

    JRI's Epoxy System overcomes and eliminates the maintenance problems of concrete flooring, such as staining, cracking and efflorescence. In addition, it permanently eliminates the problems of industrial carpeting, such as soiling, difficulty in cleaning, fume emissions and short life span. It's benefits are that it is non-skid, oil and water resistant, easily sanitized, chemical resistant, electrostatic discharge resistant, and is USDA approved. This coating system is designed to provide aesthetic enhancement and protection to a surface. The best situation in which to specify a coating is where the concrete substrate is in good condition with minimal cracking.

    The JRI Epoxy System is a high-wear, low maintenance coating that is perfect for shipping and receiving areas, warehouse and AGV systems, manufacturing areas, mail rooms, clean rooms, secondary containment for storage tanks, commercial kitchens, baths, cafeterias, locker rooms, parking garages, and kennels. Use this epoxy system in high-use areas for employee-friendly, fatigue-easing colors and patterns without an industrial look.
  • Polyurethane Floor Coatings

    When high gloss, stain resistance and abrasion resistance are critical, JRI's premium urethane coatings are an excellent choice. JRI's urethanes are two-component, thus curing independently of relative humidity to a high-gloss finish. The complete product line allows JRI to formulate a system directly to meet your needs -- non-skid or smooth, glossy or satin, high chemical resistance to reduced chemical resistance, high wear resistance to normal wear resistance. Tell us your problem and we'll design a system to meet your needs.
  • ESD Floor Coatings

    In industries where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. Even when people are equipped to handle static-sensitive devices, inadvertent contact can occur. JRI's ESD floor, wall and ceiling coatings and toppings can tie your entire ESD system together. With the most comprehensive ESD line in the industry, the JRI can design a floor system to meet your specific needs. Not only does JRI have the most complete line, their products significantly outperform the competition and are protected by multiple patents. Our ESD products generate a maximum Body Voltage Generation of 15 volts, and have consistent readings regardless of relative humidity.
  • Decorative Floor Coatings

    From lobbies to laboratories, from clean-rooms to lunchrooms, JRI's decorative flooring systems combine aesthetic attributes with functional benefits. Not only do they enhance the look of the surrounding environment, they offer resistance against wear, abrasion and many chemicals. We offer four lines of decorative flooring. Each is available in multiple versions and colors.
  • Resurfacers

    JRI has numerous resurfacers in our arsenal of coating products. Depending on your specific needs, we can recommend and apply a resurfacer that would best exhibit the properties suited to your application. In general, resurfacers are designed to provide durability, abrasion, impact, thermal shock and chemical resistance, and have a high bond strength to concrete. Ask one of our JRI technical consultants and we can choose the right resurfacer for you!
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